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Monday, 19 April 2004
Another Book, Another Attack on President Bush.
Controversial Left-Wing Liberal Journalist Bob Woodard has just published another "attack book" on the bush administration...So what!! I tell you what...Republicans! That's what!! Notice that when Conservatives write books, they are virtually ignored by Left-Wing Liberals. They simply address the primary issue in the manner they wish. Regardless of the pressure by Republicans and Conservatives, Left-Wing Liberals vigorously defend their position and then ignore the opposition - making the opposition angry at the observance of the hypocracy of Left-Wing Liberals.

What needs to happen is that Republicans and Conservatives need now to stop viewing the oppositon through the veil of their pronouncements and analyze issues for ourselves. Furthermore, Republicans and Conservatives need to talk to us, the constituency and produce news for us, the constituency. These actions give public policy tactitions avenues to promote policies and positions that we believe in and force the opposition to respond to us.

Lastly, we need to stop congratulating and giving appreciation to Left-Wing Liberals...period! this attitude is nothing more than "casting pearls to swine." Bob Woodward doesn't care that Sean Hannity and Dr. Condeleza Rice think of him as a great writer or investigator. Senator Kennedy of Massechusetts doesn't care if former President Bush admires his accomplishments. These types of acclamations, along with public display of affection for Left-Wing Liberals and being consumners of Left-Wing Liberals hate Republicans and Conservatives, recently a John F. Kerry supporter said such at a Kerry rally. We have the momentum and the facts. We must be dilligent and responsible to dominate the political debate

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:18 PM PDT

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