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Friday, 2 July 2004
The Republican Hush
Mood:  a-ok
Today is the 40th Anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There was not an hour's worth of celebration the highlighted the Republican leadership and the Democrat rejection of the Act. Republican U.S. Senator, Everett McKinley Dirksen is nothing more than a footnote in history, despite the fact that he is the single most important elected official involved in its passage. The RNC is simply a quiet ceremonial participant. Go Figure

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:42 PM PDT
Wednesday, 23 June 2004
Wal-Mart Suffrage
Mood:  happy
The largest and most sucessful retail company in the world is currently facing the largest discrimination lawsuit in History. In the tradidional of his liberal cohorts, U.S. District Judge Martin Jenkins certified a class action lawsuit for the 1.6 million woman legal movement to begin against Wal-Mart Department Stores. Left-Wing Liberals have been harpooning for this company for many years. They hate the success of this company and despise its ability to keep its consumners happy with fabulously lower prices. Liberals have wanted to organize Wal-Mart employees into unions and have fought rather successfully to keep them from opening stores anywhere. Trial lawyers are now desiring to extract cash by way of court order since Left-Wing Liberals couldn't get it via union contract negotiations. in a company the size of Wal-Mart, it may be easy to "find" instances where a man was paid more than a woman even though they do the same job. What I would like to know is what are the patterns of employee short-commings...or is the only possible perpetruater the corporation and the only possible victim is the employee? John Bisio, director of community relations in the Midwest for Wal-Mart is one of a few executives fanned across the United States to maintain a favorable image of Wal-Mart. While they are aggressive in keeping their prices low and having a relatively low theft rate, they are horrible at that image thing. This is the main reason that they are in this situation. As an example, name a Left-Wing Liberal corporation that has been dogged in the same manner as walmart. Disney/ABC is one company that is replete with racism, sexism, ageism. Have you ever seen Snow White Black? Has Cinderella ever been a man? Will Micky ever look old? This suffrage shakedown movement will only embolden the participants unless some response is asserted by Republicans...I won't hold my breath. I recommend that conservative attorneys respond to this bottom trawling by Left-Wing Liberals and use the same legal principles to force the opposition to live by the same laws that they sue others over.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 1:56 AM PDT
Thursday, 3 June 2004
Cowardice in the Black Church
The largest County in the United States of American just lost a game of Chicken against the ACLU. In a decision of 3-2, a threatened lawsuit of the ACLU successfully dictated to the County of Los Angeles to remove a tiny cross from its Symbol. This cross, recognizing part of the History of the City of the Angeles, is more than 47 years old. Yet a Black so-called African Methodist Episcopal (Yvonne B. Burke), and a Mexican so-called Catholic (Gloria Molina), capitulated to the ACLU that a tiny image of the cross made people "feel" unwelcomed to the County. They were joined by an Anti-Christian Scandinavian named Zev Yaroslavsky. Zev is Jewish. Descenters were Christians Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich. This issue is handled within a month's time without a peep from any Bishop Charles Blake of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Dr. Cecil L. "Chip" Murray of First AME Church of Los Angeles, Dr. Frederick KC Price, DD Pastor and Founder of Crenshaw Christian Center are among the largest Black Churches in Los Angeles County. These churches all have super stars in sports, movies, and television among their memberships. All of these Pastors live in Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke's District as well as pastor these super large churches in her district. Not one of these churches, or their membership organized to defeat the barbarism of the ACLU. Blacks are indoctrinated to distrust and dislike Republicans while their leadership; The Left-Wing Liberals with their Democratic Party is actively involved in a cabal to prohibit any sign of Christianity, anywhere. I believe that the ACLU will soon target any organization that receives public dollars. Next, they will "Mob" threaten any organization that receives a government charter (i.e. 501(c)(3) status). Finally, they will "unleash their [legal] hounds" on any display of Christianity that can be seen from a public area or thoroughfare will be ordered removed. Eventually you will be able to walk into a Christian Church and not even realize that it is a Christian church.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 2:33 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, 4 June 2004 9:47 AM PDT
Wednesday, 26 May 2004
So What, They are Liberal!
We have all by now, read the statistics by the PEW reasearch center. The overwhelming majority of Journalists descride themselves as liberal and/or moderate. In fact, only about 7% describe themselves as conservative. None of those who were liberal/moderate could point to a liberal news outlet but all of them said that Fox News Channel is concervative. I only wonder why it is that those of us conservatives who dislike the bias in the media still consumne their propaganda. As I have said in the past: I don't consumne Left-Wing Liberal news. I do not consumne most of Left-Wing Liberal entertainment. I do still listen to some music and because I have children, still goto Disneyland. The best way to get Left-Wing Liberals as Martin Sheen and Madonna to shut-up is to avoid consuming their tv shows and music. This is not a boycott, just don't consemne them at all. Also challenge them every time they disgrace our eyes and ears with their crow-sounding Bush-hating statements.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:59 PM PDT
The liberal creap to Fox News
I notice lately that left-wing liberals are creaping onto the Fox News Channel. No matter the program, they are trickling to challlenge and be challenged on what they convey to information consumners. The latest in this episode is Carl Bernstein. He seemed to be amazed that he was confrinted by Sean Hannity on his double standard in his news reporting. For the first time in his career, he seemed to be suprised that there existed a person who would actually critique his work as biased. His arrogant posture gave away his disdain for Republicans in general and President Bush in particular. I am glad the Fox News Channel exists, If it did not then we would contunually be disinformed by Carl Bernstein and his cohorts in the propaganda-posed-as-journalism business.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:37 PM PDT
Friday, 21 May 2004
Where is Kerry?
Short of diving off of a mountain cliff or crash landing into the White house, what can Senator Kerry to to get attention. I will contend that his press-ops, the Left-Wing Media, are sabatoging his campaign in an effort to harpoon President Bush's campaign. When was the last time that you saw a Kerry commercial? If you saw onewith in the last 3 days, then what was it? When was the last time you saw more than 5 minutes about Senator Kerry in a news cycle? WHERE. THE HELL, IS SENATOR KERRY? Unfortunately, Senator Kerry has to compete with current Bush policy being attacked by sadistic Left-Wing Media who are vouyeristically deludging the nation with male homosexual pornography in an Iraqi prison. He isn't even asked for his opinion on the matter. When he does speak, I notice the Left-Wing Media very careful not to give him too much time to make an ass of himself by the rediculous things he says on the campaign stump. As Rush Limbaugh said today on his show, eventually Senator kerry will have to participate ina debate. Eventually Senator Kerry will have to do live, open microphone, addresses that will not allow him to do a second take. What will he do? How will he act? The nervous ones of the Democratic Party will cringe in antitipation.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 1:26 PM PDT
Thursday, 20 May 2004
Its the Messenger, Stupid!!
I am listening to Liberal Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffe of Rhode Island on the Big Story on Fox News Channel. He is describing the earlier Capital Hill appearance of President Bush to the Repblican Caucus. Senator Chaffe is sbelly-aching overr why he couldn't ask President Bush certain questions about the war in Iraq. The problem is that Senator Chaffe is the only Republican who voted against the President and he is one of just a few Republicans who publically criticize the Presidents energy legislation. Senator Chaffe is the problem...He need to be replaced. When John Gibson, the host of the Big Story, questioned Senator Chaffee on why he doesn't adequately explain to his constituents the possibilities of higher gas prices, he just dodged the question and said that Rhode Islanders are just connecting higher gas prices to the War in Iraq. He seems to be too timid to lead his state. If Geoarge Bush loses this election, it will be because of attitudes such as Liberal Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffe.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 2:17 PM PDT
Tuesday, 18 May 2004
Seperate positions, the same allegiance
Yesterday I watched black churchmen, civil rights leaders, and their laymen denounce the view that homosexual marriage is a civil rights issue. I laughed at those press conferences because despite the fact that they hold those views, they vote for the same people that homosexuals do. The arguments made Blacks during these press conferences will be ignored by their Left-Wing leadership because that leadership is making haste to be "En Vogue" with thier socialists friends across the pond. Ironically, The Bush Administration is doing "again" exactly what Blacks eliminate this idea that this nation should recognize homosexual marriage. Unfortunately, this allegiance will not be seen as an honest closeness of ideas between Black and the Republican Party because of the perception Blacks have about the Republican Party. Even now, there is no person in the Republican leadership who is proclaiming this political agreement.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 2:59 PM PDT
Focus on the Pump...For now
Ever since the Democrat Primaries, Left-Wing-Liberals have been trying to find ways to destroy President Bush. First they thought that the economy was going to be the silver bulllet, then they attempted to capitalize on President Bush's past military experience. Throughout those aformentioned attacks, they nashed their teeth on the idea that the War on Terror did not include Iraq and that the war in Iraq is an illegal, personal vendetta of President Bush. Thankfully, none of their fiery darts have penetrated. When CBS, one of the many Press Ops of World Wide Terrorism, got photos of an old investigation of Prisioner abuse in Iraq they thought that they finally would be able to bring down the Bush Administration. That story is now forced to share the News cycle with the unfortunate Murder of Nick Berg by those piece-loving muslims. In other words, Prisioner abuse in Iraq did not hurt President Bush. Now the focus is on the price of gas in America. What will be next if the Price of gas goes down?

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 2:23 PM PDT
Monday, 17 May 2004
Brown V. Board of Education
Brown V. Board of Education was not supported by the Democratic Party. It took a republican, Former California Earl Warren, to Lead the U.S. Supreme Court in deciding the case to end the formal segregation of Blacks by Democrats in the United States.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 1:05 PM PDT
Slavery and Arabs
Historians agree that Arabs taught White westerners chattle slavery of human beings. In the United States, chattle slavery of Blacks was the wealth-building engine of Democrats. Maybe Democrats are just repaying Arabs for their assistance by defending them against Republicans.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 1:01 PM PDT
Lynching and Beheading
Historically, Democratics protected those who lynched Blacks. Today, Democrats protect terrorists who shop heads off of Americans....hmmmmmm.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 12:56 PM PDT
Wednesday, 21 April 2004
Conservatives Must Create Their Own News
Since my last post it seems that the only issue conservatives can discuss it the Bob Woodward book. It is true that Conservatives have uncovered lies, distortions, and revisions of truth but Conservatives are still discussing this tabloid as if their effort is somehow going to get liberals to see Woodward for the lying Left-Wing Liberalism he proclaims. Republicans must create their own news and stop merely responding to those who are creating news. For example, the Oil For Food Program (I discuss that in my artice, must be the primary issue on the conscience of Conservatives. Left-Wing Liberals hate the very air that Republicans breathe. If Senator Kennedy's rants don't work they just goto President Bush's military records. If military records don't work they just call the Iraq War illegal. If the bad-mouthing the Iraq War doesn't work, they just begin mortar firing a series of books (Dick Clarke, Bob Woodward, etc.). Left-Wing Liberals do not care about their hypocritical reputation, they just want to destroy President Bush. Hopefully, the wake-up call in the republican leadership will accept that reality before it is too late to make a difference.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 12:38 AM PDT
Monday, 19 April 2004
Bush Explains the Patriot Act...AGAIN!!
The Patriot Act was a Federal law past to combat terrorism in a more aggressive way as it does illegal drug dealing, mafias and mobs. During its movement through the Congress, the Bush Administration and its suppertors blanketed the Country with their advocacy to pass the Patriot Act. Ever since then, the Bush Administration and its supporters are on the defensive to reiterate its legitimacy. Now that parts of the Act are going to expire, they want to make the case AGAIN! The reason for this effort is simple. Left-wing Liberals do not recognize political cease fires, Republicans keep adhering to them. Republicans in all areas continute to lack political courage to combat the mortar rounds and roadside bombings perpetrated by Left-wing Liberals. So now, President Bush is restating the same thing that he stated before instead of building on top of it. Just think of all of the other issues gone to the side because of this "rebuilding" aproach to moving the President's agenda. Judicial nominees, energy issues, transporation issues, excessive taxation, and much more are "dying on the vine" due to the constant nursing that Republicans are giving to people who hate him. The only thing that can change this situation is that President Bush must force the agenda to the conserrvative den. For example, when journalists want to ask President Bush a question, he should only answer when he is in the company of his core constituency. That alone will force the the Liberal cabal in media to discuss more of the conservative agenda and keep control of the deebate. I only wish that President would listen to his core - for a change!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:22 PM PDT
"Gore"lick's Testimony
9-11 Commissioner "Gore"lick is doing exactly what Dr. condeleeza Rice was criticized for...speaking before every open microphone but the one before the 9-11 Commission. A new defender, Eric Holder (Former Deputy Attorney in the Clinton Administration and a Brotha) is making the talkshow circuit on her behalf. Oh, my fellow Republicans in the leadership...when will you learn?

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:19 PM PDT
Another Book, Another Attack on President Bush.
Controversial Left-Wing Liberal Journalist Bob Woodard has just published another "attack book" on the bush administration...So what!! I tell you what...Republicans! That's what!! Notice that when Conservatives write books, they are virtually ignored by Left-Wing Liberals. They simply address the primary issue in the manner they wish. Regardless of the pressure by Republicans and Conservatives, Left-Wing Liberals vigorously defend their position and then ignore the opposition - making the opposition angry at the observance of the hypocracy of Left-Wing Liberals.

What needs to happen is that Republicans and Conservatives need now to stop viewing the oppositon through the veil of their pronouncements and analyze issues for ourselves. Furthermore, Republicans and Conservatives need to talk to us, the constituency and produce news for us, the constituency. These actions give public policy tactitions avenues to promote policies and positions that we believe in and force the opposition to respond to us.

Lastly, we need to stop congratulating and giving appreciation to Left-Wing Liberals...period! this attitude is nothing more than "casting pearls to swine." Bob Woodward doesn't care that Sean Hannity and Dr. Condeleza Rice think of him as a great writer or investigator. Senator Kennedy of Massechusetts doesn't care if former President Bush admires his accomplishments. These types of acclamations, along with public display of affection for Left-Wing Liberals and being consumners of Left-Wing Liberals hate Republicans and Conservatives, recently a John F. Kerry supporter said such at a Kerry rally. We have the momentum and the facts. We must be dilligent and responsible to dominate the political debate

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:18 PM PDT
Thursday, 15 April 2004
Dodd's weak apology
Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut has apologized for remarks he made praising Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia as a leader for any time, even the Civil War, despite Mr. Byrd's past membership in the Ku Klux Klan and his efforts to filibuster against civil rights for blacks in this country. At first, he arrogantly defended his statement and now he apologizes. I do not accept the apology. I believe the same about Dodd as Dodd believes about Lott. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:59 PM PDT
Bob Kerrey...I am tired too!!
Earlier tonight, former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, CEO of the New School in New York and current Commissioner of the 9-11 Commission, told Alan Colmes on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes the he is tired of excuses from witnesses who have appeared before the Commission. I am tired of those 9-11 Commissioners insisting that I trust them while suggesting that I be suspicious of the Bush Administration's involvement in the failure which led up to the 9-11 attacks. Bob Kerrey, I believe President Bush over you and the rest of the Commission. You are a joke and any person who believes you should not be taken seriouly in any public policy debate!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:34 PM PDT
The Kean-Gorelick Love Affair
Yesterday when I discussed Commissioner Slate Gorton's defense of Commissioner Jamie S. "Gore"lick I failed to mention her apparent not-so-secret admirer, Thomas H. Kean, Chair of the 9-11 Commission. This Republican former Governor of New Jersey (1982-1990) and, since 1990, the president of Drew University has been pretty damn evil towards those who would turn "Gore"lick's radiant smile into a frown with the question, "Remember that 1995 memo?" Yesterday, Chairman Kean was so outraged that he retorted to those of us who critique "Gore"lick's conflict of interest - "STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!" Who the hell does he think he is. This commission is the public's commission, not Kean's for his apparent doting after "Gore"lick. Chairman Kean doggedly went after the Whitehouse for information proclaiming that the commission would not leave a stone unturned. This Boulder is sitting on the Commission and no republican on the Commission wants to turn her over! Once again, this commission is nothing more than a waste of time and millions of dollars. Hopefully, those of us who are calling on "Gore"lick to resign and testify before the Commission will prevail.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:19 PM PDT
Wednesday, 14 April 2004
Republicans on the 9-11 Commission
It is now clear to me why former Republican U.S. Senator Slate Gorton lost his reelection to the United States Senate from the state of Washington. Washington State Representatives decided not to re-hire a RINO (Republican In Name Only), they went for the real deal, a Left-Wing Liberal Democrat. Now serving on the 9-11 Commission, Slate Gorton is vociferously defending fellow Commissioner Democrat former Deputy U.S. Attorney General Jamie S. "Gore"lick on her memo in 1995. Those who are thinking clearly can logically attribute her memo to be the basis onwhich the intelligence agencies were made impotent and their not seeing 9-11. Congressman James Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is one of few elected officials with the spine to call for Commissioner "Gore"lick's resignation and to compell her to testify before the 9-11 Commission under oath. Commissioner Gorton is defending Commissioner "Gore"lick in a manner consistant with my arguments that Republican leaders have fallen in love with their political enemy (not political rival) even at the cost of facts, truth, blind hypocracy, and Party loyalty. If Commissioner Gorton was as agressive at defending Republican principles and platform as he displays in defending Commissioner "Gore"lick he would still be a U.S. Senator and not a 9-11 Commissioner. Commissioner Gorton needs to be pressured to force Commissioner "Gore"lick's resignation and compell her to testify before the Commission under oath.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:40 PM PDT

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