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Monday, 19 April 2004
"Gore"lick's Testimony
9-11 Commissioner "Gore"lick is doing exactly what Dr. condeleeza Rice was criticized for...speaking before every open microphone but the one before the 9-11 Commission. A new defender, Eric Holder (Former Deputy Attorney in the Clinton Administration and a Brotha) is making the talkshow circuit on her behalf. Oh, my fellow Republicans in the leadership...when will you learn?

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:19 PM PDT
Another Book, Another Attack on President Bush.
Controversial Left-Wing Liberal Journalist Bob Woodard has just published another "attack book" on the bush administration...So what!! I tell you what...Republicans! That's what!! Notice that when Conservatives write books, they are virtually ignored by Left-Wing Liberals. They simply address the primary issue in the manner they wish. Regardless of the pressure by Republicans and Conservatives, Left-Wing Liberals vigorously defend their position and then ignore the opposition - making the opposition angry at the observance of the hypocracy of Left-Wing Liberals.

What needs to happen is that Republicans and Conservatives need now to stop viewing the oppositon through the veil of their pronouncements and analyze issues for ourselves. Furthermore, Republicans and Conservatives need to talk to us, the constituency and produce news for us, the constituency. These actions give public policy tactitions avenues to promote policies and positions that we believe in and force the opposition to respond to us.

Lastly, we need to stop congratulating and giving appreciation to Left-Wing Liberals...period! this attitude is nothing more than "casting pearls to swine." Bob Woodward doesn't care that Sean Hannity and Dr. Condeleza Rice think of him as a great writer or investigator. Senator Kennedy of Massechusetts doesn't care if former President Bush admires his accomplishments. These types of acclamations, along with public display of affection for Left-Wing Liberals and being consumners of Left-Wing Liberals hate Republicans and Conservatives, recently a John F. Kerry supporter said such at a Kerry rally. We have the momentum and the facts. We must be dilligent and responsible to dominate the political debate

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:18 PM PDT
Thursday, 15 April 2004
Dodd's weak apology
Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut has apologized for remarks he made praising Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia as a leader for any time, even the Civil War, despite Mr. Byrd's past membership in the Ku Klux Klan and his efforts to filibuster against civil rights for blacks in this country. At first, he arrogantly defended his statement and now he apologizes. I do not accept the apology. I believe the same about Dodd as Dodd believes about Lott. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:59 PM PDT
Bob Kerrey...I am tired too!!
Earlier tonight, former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, CEO of the New School in New York and current Commissioner of the 9-11 Commission, told Alan Colmes on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes the he is tired of excuses from witnesses who have appeared before the Commission. I am tired of those 9-11 Commissioners insisting that I trust them while suggesting that I be suspicious of the Bush Administration's involvement in the failure which led up to the 9-11 attacks. Bob Kerrey, I believe President Bush over you and the rest of the Commission. You are a joke and any person who believes you should not be taken seriouly in any public policy debate!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:34 PM PDT
The Kean-Gorelick Love Affair
Yesterday when I discussed Commissioner Slate Gorton's defense of Commissioner Jamie S. "Gore"lick I failed to mention her apparent not-so-secret admirer, Thomas H. Kean, Chair of the 9-11 Commission. This Republican former Governor of New Jersey (1982-1990) and, since 1990, the president of Drew University has been pretty damn evil towards those who would turn "Gore"lick's radiant smile into a frown with the question, "Remember that 1995 memo?" Yesterday, Chairman Kean was so outraged that he retorted to those of us who critique "Gore"lick's conflict of interest - "STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!" Who the hell does he think he is. This commission is the public's commission, not Kean's for his apparent doting after "Gore"lick. Chairman Kean doggedly went after the Whitehouse for information proclaiming that the commission would not leave a stone unturned. This Boulder is sitting on the Commission and no republican on the Commission wants to turn her over! Once again, this commission is nothing more than a waste of time and millions of dollars. Hopefully, those of us who are calling on "Gore"lick to resign and testify before the Commission will prevail.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:19 PM PDT
Wednesday, 14 April 2004
Republicans on the 9-11 Commission
It is now clear to me why former Republican U.S. Senator Slate Gorton lost his reelection to the United States Senate from the state of Washington. Washington State Representatives decided not to re-hire a RINO (Republican In Name Only), they went for the real deal, a Left-Wing Liberal Democrat. Now serving on the 9-11 Commission, Slate Gorton is vociferously defending fellow Commissioner Democrat former Deputy U.S. Attorney General Jamie S. "Gore"lick on her memo in 1995. Those who are thinking clearly can logically attribute her memo to be the basis onwhich the intelligence agencies were made impotent and their not seeing 9-11. Congressman James Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is one of few elected officials with the spine to call for Commissioner "Gore"lick's resignation and to compell her to testify before the 9-11 Commission under oath. Commissioner Gorton is defending Commissioner "Gore"lick in a manner consistant with my arguments that Republican leaders have fallen in love with their political enemy (not political rival) even at the cost of facts, truth, blind hypocracy, and Party loyalty. If Commissioner Gorton was as agressive at defending Republican principles and platform as he displays in defending Commissioner "Gore"lick he would still be a U.S. Senator and not a 9-11 Commissioner. Commissioner Gorton needs to be pressured to force Commissioner "Gore"lick's resignation and compell her to testify before the Commission under oath.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:40 PM PDT
Conservative consumption of Left-Wing Liberal "News"
Guess What? I do not watch CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or any local news whatsoever. Nor do I have a subscription to a single newspaper that I believe is just "Press-Ops" for the Left-Wing Liberal agenda. I just refuse to deal with the stress of their manipulation of truth and facts. Admittedly, I am astounded at the numbers of conservatives who still consume Left-Wing Liberal so-called news. I appeal to all of you who share my disgust to do the following: 1) send emails to all elected officials who represent your residence that you do not consume from these news sources and will not see them if they appear on these news sources. 2) Send an email to your local conservative talk show host that you will be depending on that radio station for local news. 3) encourage your local radio station and your elected official to forward your remarks to local television news directors and the publishers of the local newspaper(s). Hopefully, a conservative entrepreneur will see the vacuum and try to fill it. Until then, don't will not miss out on any important piece of information that only Left-Wing Liberal propaganda outfits "think" that they can provide. Remember, Advertisers will follow you because they want your dollars. Programming Directors and Publishers want the Advertiser's dollars. So Programming Directors and Publishers will either start producing un-Left-Wing Liberal "News" or go out of business. It is that simple. let them endure headaches and stress for your attention, not the other way around.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 2:21 PM PDT
Protectionist Democrats on the 9-11 Commission
Democrat Lee Hamilton is spinning the 1995 Gorelick memo in order to save her and try to spread blame of "the wall" into the Bush Administration. I am appalled that Commissioner Hamilton realistically expects for the Bush Administration to do in 7 1/2 months what the Clinton Administration should have done over its 8 years! Commissioner Hamilton is only trying to protect the Clinton Administration!! I notice that whenever the Clinton Administration gets "nailed" for incompetance leading up to 9-11, Democrat Commissioners try to find a way to show that the Bush Administration is also responsible. Commissioner Jamie S. "Gore"lick must step down as a proven trailblazer leading up to the 9-11 attacks on our nation and be subpoenaed to testify of her culpibility. Until then I am going to be admonishing my elected officials to discount this commission as credible. We must, under any and all circumstances, resist the terrorist protectionism of those Left-wing liberals on that 9-11 Commission. Under no condition should a new administration be expected to perform as if it were there for years. Once again, the Republicans on that commission do little to defend the trail of facts that flow deep into the 8 years of the Clinton Administration - EXCLUSEVLY!! Let's be is Attorney General John Ashcrot's flight schedule relevent to terrorists using airplanes as missiles? Why do we need to know how tall Janet Reno is? Please email the Commission at to display your objection to this circus act. Let them know that you will inform your member of congress to formerly reject the conclusions of this commission if they do not get serious and rebuke these partisan Left-Wing Liberal Commissioners

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 1:58 PM PDT
Tuesday, 13 April 2004
Finally somebody hit back
Attorney General John Ashcroft is the first Bush administration official who actually fought back rather than just simply respond to left-winged liberal attacks. Hooray!! today Attorney General John Ashcroft made his case before the 9-11 Commission and dorpped the bombshell declassified memo that was produced by one of the 9-11 commissioners. While serving in the Justice department, Jamie S. Gorelick wrote a memo assuring that no person was to share information on cases wither within the Justice Department and especially with the CIA and vise versa. this is the linchpin that hurt the necessary progress to prevent 9-11. As expected, Left-Wing liberal media will not even address that memo as they did the August 6, 2001 memo. However the Republican apparatus has not gotten particularly aggressive in seeing to her removal from the commission. This of course follows National Security Advisor Dr. Condeleeza Rice's testimony in which she detail that 9-11 Commissioner and former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey's (Democrat of Nebraska) statement in 2000 in which he promotes the elimination of Saddam Hussein. I only wish that Republicans of means would support efforts to get this type of information into the hands of every voter in this country because the Left-Wing liberal media will work hard to keep this information out of voters hands and ears.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 5:48 PM PDT
Monday, 12 April 2004
Kerry's misery index
Democrat Presidential Nominee, Senator John "F'ing" Kerry has released his version of the Misery Index. He did this so that he can promote a higher failure rate than normal. Under the traditional measures, the Bush Administration so-called Misery Index is just over 7%. However the Kerry version is manipulating information to make it seem higher. I only hope that Republicans see this as an opportunity to counter his stupid effort and add their use of the Household survey. The coroprate survey is what has been used in recent times and currently shows that when President Bush came into office, there were 135 million persons working. Now there are 132 million. Now, according to the Household survey, there are 138 million people working. The corporate survey lists me as unemployed while the Household survey accurately reflects that I am gainfully SELF-EMPLOYED!! Get your act together Republicans, we in the masses are waiting for you to stop being such punks and fight!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 1:06 PM PDT
Sunday, 11 April 2004
The PDB says nothing more...
National Security Advisor Dr. Condeleeza Rice destroyed the opposition arguments with her testimony on this past Thursday. Richard Clarke and the "American Sunni Triangle" that supports his extreme rhetoric are now seen as the partisans who are set on attacking President Bush. Now that the President's Daily Briefing of August 6, 2001 is released we learn nothing more...Just as Dr. Rice said. Democrats are now trying to figure out what to do next. So far the information they suspect is the smoking gun is merely their heads heating up in anger. The problem is that they are relentless on trying to find something that isn't there. they will eventually drive themselves into a collective mental institution. What will they allege next?

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 9:47 AM PDT
This so-called 9-11 Commission is not asking good questions
I am wondering after watching so much 9-11 commission "shows", why is it that no one is asking the following question: Why was it that no one even questioned why people want to learn to fly planes but not take off or land? Also if the Clinton administration was "doing so much" to combat terrorism then why is it that they didn't find those Al Queda cells in the U.S. who had already planned the 9-11 attacks by the time the Bush Administration took the leadership? Once again, the Republicans are wimping out and the Democrats don't care!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 9:33 AM PDT
Saturday, 10 April 2004
Blacks "Dissed" by Republican Leadership
Last week, Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut gave appreciation to Klansmen Senator robert Byrd. He told Byrd that "You would have been a great senator at any would have been right at the founding of this country, right during the Civil War....I can't think of a single moment in this nation's 220+ year history where you would not have been a valuable asset to this country." As expected, Left-Wing Liberals haven't said a word to critique him in the same way that they did for Trent Lott. They did not even address Dodd's hyprocracy since he was the first Senator to attack Mississippi Senator Trent Lott for similar remarks. There seems to be no similar outrage from Republican Leaders to remove Dodd. Republican Leaders and commentators are minimizing Dodds acclamation to Byrd as not being racist. Dodd said what he felt and Dodd is a racist. And for Republicans to not understand that is offensive to me as well!!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 10:19 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 10 April 2004 10:28 PM PDT
Tuesday, 6 April 2004
Illegal aliens driver's licenses
I just read the article in Miami herald that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush favors giving illegal aliens driver's licenses, as long as there are security measures to weed out criminals ( If this is true, then the Republican Party is begining to use "Bunker Buster" ideas against itself. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has flirted with the same consideration even though the rank and file in the California Republican Party. Simply put, the Party leadership is wanting to disregard its platform and tradition. Each time the Republican Party moves aggressively to preserve and advance its platform principles, the emancipation occurs. However when Republicans begin thinking and acting like Democrats, we regress to the days of segregation and slavery.

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 8:57 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 6 April 2004 9:35 AM PDT
Lacey and Yates
Deanna Lacey and Andrea Yates should both be executed. both of them have committed horrific acts against children. However, both have avoided execution and Lacey has even avoided jail by claiming to be depressed. My recommendation is that we should no longer have our children in the care of women. Men should be childcare providers. At least we are certain that no court is going to be seduced by any excuses by men who murder children. Men go to jail...period!!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 12:06 AM PDT
Monday, 5 April 2004
New Methods and Tactics
Hello! This is my new site. We will deal with many of the same issues as we do in, but it will be in Blog format. lest's stay in contact as we tackle the problems of our society!

Posted by Mali D. Currington at 11:06 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 5 April 2004 11:12 PM PDT

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